Tonal Studies

First attempt at painting with water colour. Tonal studies to keep things simple. 

Mousey Momento

Two months ago we adopted a trio of mini fur balls. Jackie, Ginny and Piggy, originally named Chuku, Chupi and Chia (which we had trouble getting our heads around) spent much of their time munching on grains, puffing their bedding and making endearing little noises.

It has been a fun few months, for us humans at least, the mice are probably a little fed up with all our cooing. Sadly, during this time Jackie developed a very aggressive tumour and had to be put down this morning. 

As a momento, I compiled a video of all the mousey things the three of them got up to. 

Mousey Momentos


Poison Post!

Last week, some good friends of mine relocated half way across the world. Before they left we made something of a pledge. We talked of finally starting that blog we had each always intended to create.

The mature line of our conversation sounded something like, “If you do one, I’ll do one.” So here’s the deal, one of us sets the ball rolling with a single post and the other has to respond with their own post within a week. Otherwise they die a horrid death by poison post (insert more meaningful penalty here). The posts themselves don’t necessarily have to be related, the point is just to keep the activity going.

This is a chance to end the procrastination, to tell perfectionism to just go sit quietly in a corner somewhere and stop bothering us for a bit. If nothing else, it’s not a bad way to keep in touch asynchronously.

So Min’an, it’s your turn. Link your post to a comment here so we can follow the chain. I’ll even suggest some random topics in case the cold has frozen your brain: 

  • Self learning
  • House Husbands
  • Keeping warm in Sweden