Hello there!

My name is Melody. When I was in first grade, I spelt my name wrong on my lunch order. M-e-l-o-g-s. O_O What the hell? Apparently my six year old self had more pressing matters on her mind (something along the lines of whether to have a meat pie or a chicken puff). In any case, the name stuck and lead to much good humoured teasing though I was not always accepting of my fate at forever being called Mellogs Cornflakes. I have since been able to appreciate this little part of my history. To me, it represents that I’m learning to not take myself too seriously and to just enjoy whatever comes my way.

Quick getting to know you session: I’m a designer, developer and digital artist. I like sketchbooks, period dramas, and dinosaurs.

I would love for this blog to be of interest to someone, (maybe just future-Mel) but procrastinating tendencies have led me to give up on devising a perfect blog plan. We’ll figure something out as we go along.

For now, let this blog be a log of learning.

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