New journey into Unity

When we created Regency Love, I was most excited about making a deliciously immersive story experience. I wasn’t as concerned about the technology behind it so I decided to use whatever tool was most familiar to me at the time. That’s mostly how Regency Love ended up on iOS. As with all decisions, there were some perks and regrets.

The Apple ecosystem was booming at the time which gave us some good consistent exposure. We managed to attract a wonderful community of players, many of whom finding the game through their love of reading or period drama.

On the other hand, the biggest sadness was how terribly costly / time consuming it would be to port the game to any other platforms. Well, that and the fact that we’ve been wanting to go beyond the visual novel to experiment with more complex game mechanics, something that wasn’t exactly easy on a standard Cocoa development framework.

So, in the meagre amount of time I currently have outside my day job, I have been learning the ropes on Unity engine. I have a bunch of different game ideas I want to prototype, and I’m hoping to post a bit about my progress for reflection purposes. Reflection and a little memory augmentation, considering I will be dipping in and out of these new projects as time permits.

Here’s to learning new things!

Screenshot of Unity workspace.
Screenshot of my current Unity workspace. Lol the bugs…

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