Converting to mini posts! Otherwise it’s never going to happen T___T

These posts are getting ridiculously long! Every time I attempt to write something it ends up taking the whole day. I’m going to switch tactics for a while and try to keep them under 200 words. That way, I might actually complete a post without trying to answer the meaning of life or tell my life story haha. (Why aren’t I just using tumblr?)

So, for now, let me just pop up any fun little pieces I’ve been working on as well as a few random insights here and there. The posts might not much make sense on their own, but I’m hoping that all those mini posts will eventually add up and reveal a big picture of what I’ve been doing and where I’m headed 🙂 Perhaps it will be a bit more organic than struggling to come up with something profound every time XD

Now then, here is a random animation piece made for college!

3 thoughts on “Converting to mini posts! Otherwise it’s never going to happen T___T

    • Awww thank you. I was learning as I went along so it took a couple of days. I think it’s the conceptualising part that always takes the longest. Too many choices!

  1. Nice work! Like the roller drop at the end 🙂

    Yeah, I think mini posts are a good way to go too. I think I’ve got a somewhat similar problem, I spend too much time thinking about the post than actually writing… and it takes too long and gathers so much dust that it eventually never gets out =X

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